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Offres de donation caritative

5 sept. 2021 à 3h41   Services   Marseille 13   238 vues

1 250 000 €

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Localité: Marseille 13
Prix: 1 250 000 €


I am Mrs. Gordana SMOLJANOVIC, a Croatian businesswoman; hospitalized for health reasons in Europe. I have throat cancer. The results of some of my medical examinations have shown that my days on earth are numbered. Unfortunately, I have no family or children who could benefit from my wealth. I own an iron import business and also work in real estate.

I would like to donate my fortune to someone I trust and who is honest to put it to good use, I dispodise a fortune valued at One million two hundred and fifty thousand euro (1250 000 euros). I offer it to you with all my heart. Please accept it and use it wisely. I only ask for a prayer from you and that the good GOD bless all of us.

Please leave me a message via my email:

Hoping to follow your will and read it again.